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11th Nov 2017

The 405 uses a Nine rank system in order to ensure a good flow of leadership.

1. General (GEN)
 The General is our leader, ERW405.

2. Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
 Lieutenant Colonels are the 405's number 2 and 3. They are responsible for assisting the GEN directly, and take charge in the event of communications being broken.

3. Colonel (COL)
 Colonels are the squad leaders of the 405. They lead their squads to victory, using a combination of superior play style and tactics.

4. Captain (CPT)
 Captains are 405's elite, the A team of the non-leadership members. They excel in their classes and will dominate to scoreboard. They are the first choice of members who play in any match for the 405.

5. Lieutenant (LT)
 Lieutenants are members who have proven their worth in a match. They have knowledge of their classes while being able to follow orders. When more members are needed for a match, you can bet that the LT's are ready to prove themselves.

6. Sergeant (SGT)
 Sergeants have been apart of the 405 for a while and are able to identify people just off their voices.

7. Specialist (SPC)
 Specialists have been in the 405 to know standard operations and can direct people towards the right person for the job.

8. Private (PVT)
 Privates are recruits who have survived to don the 405 colors. They must continue to perform if they ever wish to play in a match with the 405's best.

9. Recruit (REC)
 Recruits have requested to become members of the best battlefield gamers. They do not wear the colors, they must prove they are worth more than a spawn point or sniper bait.

The BF1 Platoon page ranks are more compressed.
General: Gen
Colonel: LTC, COL
Lieutenant: CPT, LT
Private: SGT, SPC, PVT
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Last Edit: 11th Nov 2017 by 405gaming
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